Lessons Learned from my Lockdown Monk Mode

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What’s monk mode?

According to a quick google search monk mode is the “deliberate elimination, partial or complete, of social interactions, unhealthy habits, and ‘time-wasting’ activities with the purpose of focusing solely on a specific self-development goal.” I first heard the term used by a popular entrepreneur called Iman Gadzhi and as I’m generally pretty into biohacking I thought I would take this, put my own take on it, and give it a go.

My monk mode

The focus was on mindfulness and strengthening my mind to better control my thoughts. So to do that, I set the following protocol.

  • Daily morning and evening journalling
  • Daily Red Light Therapy — 10 minutes
  • Daily meditation and affirmations — 10 minutes
  • x1 Coffee per day
  • x1 Social Media check-in per day — all socials
  • No alcohol

Time is precious

In a popular blog post by Michel Simmons about “Compound Time” he states:

Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash

Less input = more output

Seems almost counterintuitive, but limiting my digital input by restricting my social media use was one of the easiest and most beneficial change that came out of my Monk Mode — after meditation.


To be honest, before this Monk Mode, I had occasionally meditated but never as a daily habit until now. But during the last two weeks I was diligent with it and did at least 10 minutes guided or unguided meditation daily.

Tree digital painting by Nick Matej

Final words

So overall, one of the main takeaways from this monk mode is this idea of “Compound Time” and the long-term value of small habit adjustments. There was nothing particularly revolutionary about the period, but more like a taste of the long-term benefits of making more time each day to take care of your mind and body — especially by checking your input diet and making room for stillness each day.


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