My top Notion templates | June 2020

Kieran Glover
3 min readJun 19, 2020

For those of you who might not know, I’ve been using Notion for around 6 months now and it’s probably the one tool that has really changed my whole workflow and methods of using my time a lot more productively.

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What is Notion

In its most basic form, Notion is a note taking app. But once you start to understand that every line you write in Notion can become it’s own page, you can start to creatively build your own productivity systems and personal wiki’s. I did a full introductory video to Notion which goes into more detail. Feel free to give it a watch.

My top Notion templates of June 2020

As I use Notion day in day out, I’m often checking out new templates to find exciting and creative ways to organize my stuff. Here’s some of my favorites templates I’ve come across in June 2020

The topic forest

The original creation of programmer, entrepreneur and Notion expert Valentin Perez, the topics forest which allows you to build up your digital brain by storing your best thoughts and ideas and putting them into categories. This allows you to easily navigate and reference for new ideas, articles and more.

Check out Valentin’s video!

The reading list

As I recently posted over on my Instagram, my wife bought me a Kindle recently which i’ve been loving! And I’ve really found it’s been such a game changer when it comes to building reading habits. Just the portability and lightness of having a library in my bag has really made the act of reading more accessible to me.



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