Why are email newsletters are making a comeback

What I’m thinking about

Recently it seems that independent newsletters such as Morning Brew, theSkimm and many more other smaller publications are becoming an increasingly trendy and attractive way to get our news.

My favorite things this week

As this marks the upcoming first issue of Sunday Brief, a big inspiration for starting this is the come back and personal enjoyment of receiving high quality email newsletters.

Quote of the week

Last word

So that’s a little glimpse as to what’s coming in this new venture of mine. I hope you enjoyed this and again if you feel like this could brightened up your inbox ☀️ Please feel free to subscribe.

Resources for creative

As a web designer / developer working on a creative agency, I’m always on the lookout for new tools to a) keep me more productive and b) help me do my job better. Check out some of my favorite tried and tested tools:

  • Notion — My all time favorite note taking/productivity app
  • Digital Ocean — My go-to tool for spinning up blogs, websites and more
  • Webflow — The tool I used most often at work to Build better business websites, faster. Without coding



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Kieran Glover

Kieran Glover

Senior Partner at Mäd Creative Inc., posting productivity tips and tools for creatives 👉 http://kieranglover.xyz/